How to measure a vest?

It's super easy to measure a vest!

The best option to get correct size is to measure your old vest if you have such kind of available. Please use your vest's measurements as reference ... if your vest is too small for you, please take vest's measurements anyway and then add some (you will see how much needs to be added when you wear it) extra centimeters to circumference measurements.

For ex. if vest's chest width is 57cm, that means that vest's chest circumference is 114cm (2*57cm).

If you do not own a vest to measure, a rule of thumb is that vest's chest circumference needs to be about 8-12cm bigger that your body's chest circumference. On stomach area 6-10cm extra room is enough. If the vest's chest circumference is same to your body's chest circumference the vest is too small for you. You'll need some extra space that you "can move" inside the vest.

We are a leather vest specialist, and we have measured our vests for decades and helped thousands of customers to choose a correct size during these years, so if you have anything to ask about measuring a vest or your body, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Chest width - A:

Hem width - B:

Back length - C: